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Living Area at the Villa

The lounge and the dining area are the heart of the house. Dusky red amoora wood paneling and dark polished timber floors add to the pleasantly cool and shaded atmosphere. Handmade Customweave rugs add luxury. High ceilings give sense of space, and folding glass doors lead onto a huge deck with expansive views over ocean, beach and rainforest.

Timber louvers high in the eaves and on all windows open to allow in tropical breezes. Comfortable imported Italian leather sofas in chocolate brown are perfect for languid lounging, and wide screen TV, a DVD player, Foxtel satellite channels and stereo provide indoor entertainment.

In the kitchen, a state-of-the art gas/electric cooker, dishwasher and full dinner service for 14 make cooking for friends easy. A gas barbeque is also provided on the main deck. On the entrance level, there are additional kitchen facilities and a dining area, which can be closed off with sliding doors from the large lobby space. Full laundry facilities are also available.